Nova Towers was originally incorporated in 2011 as a private wireless communications company and is a national owner and operator of wireless communications towers/facilities across the United States. Since it’s inception, Nova Towers core business objectives were to specialize in Tower Site Development (Build-To-Suit programs), Antenna Site Management, and DAS Deployment.

The company was founded by Darrell Mays and Greg Boyd who both remain very active in the management and operations of the company. Darrell Mays (Also founder of nSoro) and Greg Boyd (Also founder of Intellicom) have over 45 years of combined direct background experience in wireless communications industry. Both have worked directly with most industry leaders including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint-Nextel, Motorola, Southern LINC and many other regional wireless companies.

Our mission has always been to “NOT” be one of the largest tower companies. Because “Bigger is NOT always Better”. Our highest priority is to deliver great customer service. Nova (as a relatively new BTS company) has only a handful of existing towers and is very hungry for new BTS opportunities. Our management philosophy is to remain lean, responsive and versatile to be able to deliver a better quality BTS product that cost less and is delivered on time. Nova is able to focus on new site development rather than spend our resources maintaining a large inventory of acquired existing sites. This allows Nova to react much quicker to our Customer network scheduling demands and has resulted in higher Customer Satisfaction.

Nova has also developed several new specialized “Build-To-Suit” tower programs. Our Government Municipality Tower Program (GMTP) allows for Federal, State, and County participation in a tower Build-To-Suit model. This program is a partnership with private resources to develop communications facilities for governmental communication networks and similar stimulus communication grant programs.

Also our “Quick Site” program is specially designed for carriers requiring numerous sites deployed in a limited amount of time and require sites less than 100 ft. Once permitted, this program can deploy a turn-key site in less than one week! Both programs offer lease reductions based on future co-locations.


        • AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint-Nextel, ClearWire
        • Southern LINC, Cellular South, AllTel, MetroPCS
        • Regional Cellular carriers
        • Wireless Broadband and Data
        • FM Broadcast
        • Paging, SMR, Wi-MAX
        • Federal, State, and County Government