Building Rooftop & Tower Mgmnt.

Generate Wireless Revenues with NO capital investments :

Nova is a communications rooftop management company that has the experience and resources to maximize wireless revenues from existing buildings, water tanks, and towers. Each building rooftop has a varying potential of generating revenue based on its “Site Marketing Index” which is determined by its location, height, capacity, and other technical aspects. We work with many property owners to maximize wireless revenues while protecting the visual appearance of the property, maintaining a secured facility, and ensuring a safe working environment.

No Business Issues :
Nova will handle all of the Building Rooftop Management process including marketing, operations, leasing, billing, administration, engineering, project management & supervision. Once Nova is established as your wireless management company, you receive a detailed monthly statement reflecting all revenues and project status reports. We have leasing agreements with all of the major wireless companies and maintain relationships within the industry to ensure your site receives every opportunity to generate additional income.

No Risk – Maximum Reward

Nova’s management has over 25 years of experience in managing rooftops and in developing wireless facilities. We take great pride in developing long term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients so feel free to ask for a list of our satisfied clients!

Make the commitment to get the most from your investments today and let Nova go to work on generating revenues from your facility.